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Armed Reaction

Specialists in remote offsite monitoring and filling the gap between armed reaction and the police. 

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Remote Offsite Monitoring fill the gap between armed reaction and the police.

Due to their lack of manpower, the South African Police Service has great difficulty in coping with the dramatic increase in their workload and can therefore not guarantee a response to all alarm call-outs.

It has become accepted that there has been a large increase in attacks on people in their homes, crimes and burglaries In South Africa. Accordingly, private, armed reaction companies have to fill the gap between the need of the private person and police involvement.armed reaction 2

A house or business with a security system installed sends an alarm call to an armed reaction company when a sensor has been triggered. There is, however, normally no guarantee when the armed reaction unit may arrive even should they guarantee a quick response time. Valuable minutes may be lost in the interval it takes to reach the scene to take action. One can suffer damage or loss with the intruders grabbing and running. This is where Remote Offsite Monitoring becomes invaluable. During the minutes that it takes the armed reaction unit to get to the scene the Remote Offsite Monitoring control room operator can interact with the intruders via a loud speaker or trigger smoke bombs at the premises. The effect could persuade the intruders to disperse.

With the Remote Offsite Monitoring setup of the security system  your surveillance has that extra layer of protection than just alarms going off as the human element responding to an action can never be replaced.

There are many more reasons to consider Remote Offsite Monitoring, click here to see more.

Remote Offsite Monitoring forms a necessary and vital leg of Vido Security. Vido Security’s security staff is certified by the PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority).Vido Security is BEE compliant with 100% black ownership and 10 point score card rating meeting all requirements for investment and benefits.

Remote Offsite Monitoring understands the importance of having a good armed reaction company in your corner. We can also make recommendations to consider when choosing an armed reaction company.

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